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MEI emphasize on integrated approach for students committed to studying and solving environmental issues.
Our members, including geoscientists, engineers, biologists, ecologist, geographers and sociologists, economists, work across traditional disciplines to provide knowledge of environmental science.


The subjects of environmental science and environmental studies become important in parallel with the technological development. 
Sustainable development and environmental management are particularly needed for the future of mankind. Managing environmental hazards has become very important because of unexpected natural and man-made hazards. Ecology and environment have become particular subjects among the academic disciplines and the people.
Myanmar is rich in biodiversity, which provides various resources for the livelihood of the people. Only about 1.7 million living organisms have been described and named globally. Habitat destruction, over-exploitation of natural resource and environmental pollution has been found to be responsible for the loss of a large number of animal and plant species.  It is now critical to prevent the loss of a large proportion of the species on earth in the near future.
In spite of the deteriorating status of the environment, study of environment has so far not received adequate attention in our academic programmes. Recognizing this, the Myanmar Environment Institute tries to introduce a basic training course on environment.  A three months compulsory core module course in environmental studies is prepared. The experts committee has looked into all the pertinent questions, issues and other relevant matters. This was followed by framing of the core module syllabus for environmental studies for short-term training courses.

MEI intends to develop human resources in environmental science and sustainable development of the Country. As MEI has signed the MOU with the Geography Institute of Cologne University, Germany, MEI starts to establish a path for young Myanmar graduate students to continue their education for "International Master degree for Environmental Science" and so on.

MEI will make more collaboration with other International Universities in future so that it can effectively participate in sustainable development of the country and to further upgrade the education in Myanmar.

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